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Color & Variation

Granite is found all over the world and is noted for it’s variation and colors. Composition and pattern can vary between slabs making each piece beautiful and unique.

Edges & Seams

Granite pieces are naturally distinct, making seams visible showing off the varied colors and patterns. Edge designs are limited to ensure a lasting design.

Stain Resistance

Granite is porous and must be sealed properly and often to maintain its beauty and counteract stains. Sealers should be non-toxic and rated safe for food surfaces.

Mold & Bacteria Resistance

Granite has small surface crevices so it needs to be sealed properly and routinely for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection.

Heat & Scratch Resistance

Granite is heat resistant, because it is a very hard stone that′s formed at extreme temperatures deep in the earth, its polish is not subject to etching by household acids, or scratching by knives, pots and pans. However, cutting boards are recommended to protect your knives from dulling, since granite is a harder surface than metal and can only be cut by another piece of granite or diamonds. It′s unaffected by typical kitchen heat, such as hot pans, or spilled liquid. Trivets are recommended to protect the sealants on the Granite.

Care & Maintenance

Granite should be resealed every one or two years depending on use and wear. The type of stone your granite comes from will determine the type of sealants and cleaning products you should use. Granite is scratch resistant as well as heat resistant however the sealants generally are not and care must be used to maintain its beauty. Chips and scratches, when they do occur, can be repaired.

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