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Solid Surface

silestoneColor & Variation

Solid Surface is a man made product in a broad range of colors and designs. Manufacturing ensures consistency and very good color matching should the need arise in the future.

Edges & Seams

Solid Surface sinks and seams are chemically bonded to create a smooth, one-piece look. The Manufacturing process ensures a consistent look and quality making seams smooth and inconspicuous. Edge designs are virtually unlimited with Solid Surface.

Stain Resistance

Solid Surface is nonporous so stains will not seep into the surface, being easily wiped away with soap and water. Buffing the surface is also an option since the pattern is consistent throughout the piece.

Mold & Bacteria Resistance

Each Solid Surface Company has its own ratings and guarantees for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection.

Heat Resistance

Trivets are recommended for Solid Surface to protect countertops against exposure to extreme temperatures. Minor damage can usually be buffed out by the homeowner, but more severe damage can be repaired by your certified installer.

Care & Maintenance

Solid Surface does not require special products to clean or maintain it. If the surface is glossy or shiny any scratches from buffing may require special techniques to repair.

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